Chattahoochee OystersFest Event Information

After you purchase a ticket, simply:

* Show up at the check-in tent to verify your ticket

* You will receive your coupon book(s) that are used for oysters, beer and wine as well as a wrist band for attendees 21 or older

* Donate $10 for each raffle ticket to help support the RiverWarden and a chance to win the Goldens Cast Iron Cooker

* Beer and wine kiosk will be on the patio outside for coupons and you can always purchase drinks inside of Chattahoochee Brewing.

Check out the Shuck-Them-Yourself Videos for Friday nights event and come join the fun!

For Saturdays Cook-off competition:

A panel of judges will be on hand to choose the top team through a point system and the general public will pick the "People's Choice Best of Show". 

There are two awards for the Cook-off:

(1) Attendees will have coupon books to use for tasting with one coupon = one gourmet oyster and each coupon is a vote for the team as “People’s Choice – Best of Show”. (The coupons are numbered and stacking the vote will not be tolerated)

(2) The “ChattOysterFest Champion” will be picked by a point system with a panel of judges based on presentation, flavor and creativity.


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