Team Registration to Compete


For an entry fee, chefs and restaurants can compete for a chance to win the 2016 Chattahoochee OysterFest Championship with bragging rights for a year!

The Cook-off will be held on the banks of the river from 1:00 - 6:00 EST on Saturday May 14th.

There are two awards for the Cook-off:
(1) Attendees will have coupon books to use for tasting with one coupon = one gourmet oyster and each coupon is a vote for your team as “People’s Choice – Best of Show”. The coupons are numbered and stacking the vote will not be tolerated.

(2) The “Chattahoochee OysterFest Champion” will be picked by a point system with a panel of judges based on presentation (1/4 total points), flavor (1/2 total points) and creativity (1/4 total points). Each team will need to plan on producing 80 – 100 grilled or smoked oysters per hour.

What we supply:

(1) Tent

(1) Table

(1) Banner

Paper serving trays

Wooden forks



45 day Promotional Page listing on from April 15th until May 30th 


What teams bring:

Grill(s) | Smoker

Propane tanks

Cooking utensils | plates

Cooking ingredients

(1) Fire Extinguisher

Presentation items

Shucking knives


Extra tables | tent as needed

Tent decorations


Contact us at for more information or starting February 24th sign up on line at Eventbrite: ChattOysterFest Teams!

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