Team set-up information

The cook-off will be held on the banks of the river at the Chattahoochee Brewing Company.

There are two awards for the Cook-off.

(1) Attendees will have coupon books to use for tasting with one coupon = one gourmet oyster and each coupon is a vote for your team as “People’s Choice – Best of Show”.

(2) The “Chattahoochee OysterFest Champion” will be picked by a point system with a panel of judges based on presentation (1/4 total points), flavor (1/2 total points) and creativity (1/4 total points). Each team will need to plan on producing 80 – 120 grilled or smoked oysters per hour.

 What we supply:
(1) Tent

(1) Table
(1) Banner
Paper serving trays
Wooden forks
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(April 15th until May 30th)

What teams bring:
Grill | Smoker
Propane tanks
Cooking utensils
Cooking ingredients
(1) Fire Extinguisher
Presentation items
Shucking knifes

Cooler for the oysters
Extra tent or tables
Tent decorations


  • Teams need to be set-up and ready to start shucking and cooking at 12:30 – 12:45. Event begins at 1:00.
  • We will have your spot marked with a 10’ x 10’ white tent, banner and table by 10:00.
  • Each area will be at least 15’ wide by 25’ deep to accommodate cookers, smokers, generators, extra tent, coolers, chairs and more. No electricity provided.
  • We encourage you to decorate your tent area.
  • BLD Graphics will be taking photographs of each team between 12:00 and 1:00

Contest Info

  • Numbers will be drawn for each spot in presenting plates to the judges. Only your team will know the number prior to being called out.
  • Presentations will begin at 2:00 starting with team 1 and working to team 7. Once your number is called, you will have 10 minutes to present your dish to the Chef Presentation stage area.
  • Each team will be serving 3+unique dishes to the public but submitting only one best entry to the judges. Each plate should have at least 8 oysters available for tasting.
  • It is up to each team to transport the presentation dishes to the stage area during their time slot. BLD will photograph each plate and insert it in our online slideshow for the judges and public to view here.
  • We then take the presentation plates to the judges who will be secluded in a blacked out billiards room between F&M Cigars and Chattahoochee Brewing.
  • Judging is based on: presentation (1/4 total points), flavor (1/2 total points) and creativity (1/4 total points)
  • Judging spreadsheets will be used to tally each score and will be available to be viewed after the contest.


For the Public

  • We provide paper trays, wooden forks and napkins.
  • Any special sauces or condiments will be up to each team.
  • One gourmet oyster in a paper tray = one coupon | vote.
  • Each coupon is placed in the plastic container that we will provide and collect to determine the People’s Choice Best of Show.
  • This event is based on the honor system by each team and stacking the votes will not be tolerated.
  • Each team is expected to participate during the full length of the event from 1:00 until 6:00 pm.


Let us know if you have any questions or comments!

David Goodfellow - 334.614.2816
Derrell Winowich - 334.559.0663



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